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Household wealth




Income and growth


Household wealth


Net worth of economic families and persons not in economic families.


This indicator is measured in the Survey of Financial Security (SFS).

The net worth of an economic family or person not in an economic family is the value of all the assets (non-financial and financial) owned by this family unit less the value of its outstanding liabilities.

An economic family refers to a group of two or more persons who live in the same dwelling and are related to each other by blood, marriage, common-law union, adoption or a foster relationship. A person not in an economic family is a person living either alone or with others to whom they are unrelated.

Net worth is derived based on responses to a number of questions on the value of all major financial and non-financial assets and on the money owing on mortgages, vehicles, credit cards, student loans and other debts. The following SFS questionnaire blocks are used:

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