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Canada's Quality of Life Hub is currently in development. This initial version of the Hub presents the headline indicators of the Quality of Life Framework for Canada. Future versions of the Hub will contain additional quality of life indicators, data and visualizations.

The purpose of the Quality of Life Hub is to provide information on the quality of life and well-being of Canadians in one centralized, trusted location.

We need your help! If you have ideas or thoughts for what you'd like to see on the Hub, Statistics Canada would love to hear about it. Your input is invaluable as we continue to develop the Quality of Life Hub in 2022 and 2023.

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This image illustrates the Quality of Life Framework for Canada. It is represented as a circular graphic with the term "Quality of Life" in a circle at its centre. The circular graphic is divided into five segments which represent each of the five domains of the framework: Prosperity, Health, Society, Environment, and Good Governance. Each domain is represented by an icon: Prosperity domain by an image of a line graph, Health by a heart and heartbeat (electrocardiogram) line, Society by a group of people, Environment by trees, and Good Governance by a courthouse. The two lenses of the framework, Fairness and Inclusion and Sustainability and Resilience, encircle the image, represented by curved arrows.

What is quality of life?

Quality of life (well-being) refers to the wealth and comfort of individuals based on both material and non-material factors that are important to people's lives, such as health, social connections and material comfort.

Canada's Quality of Life Framework

Statistics Canada's new Quality of Life Statistics Program provides important information on quality of life in Canada for all, bringing together key economic, social and environmental datasets. Data and evidence on the well-being of people in Canada are examined based on the Quality of Life Framework for Canada's five domains and approximately 85 indicators.

The Quality of Life Framework for Canada was defined in 2020/2021 through meetings and consultations led by the Department of Finance Canada. It was publicly released in Budget 2021 – Annex 4: Gender, Diversity, and Quality of Life Statement, alongside the report Measuring What Matters and federal budget investments aimed at strengthening national datasets and better incorporating quality of life measurements into decision making and budgeting. The intention is that the Framework will remain evergreen and evolve over time to capture important issues as they emerge.

Most recently, as outlined in the President of the Treasury Board Mandate Letter (December 2021), the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) will assume leadership for refining and strengthening the Framework, with a focus on advancing the implementation of Quality of Life indicators and applying the Framework to decision making across government. TBS will work closely with the Department of Finance and Statistics Canada to support the use of the Framework in the budgeting and decision making process and in the reporting of progress to ensure the Government of Canada achieves long-term outcomes that benefit people.

The Quality of Life Framework for Canada infosheet provides a visual illustration of the Framework, its domains and its indicators.


The Quality of Life Framework for Canada is organized into a series of domains, each of which includes a number of indicators. These domains were selected based on evidence of the determinants of well-being to reflect what matters most for quality of life in Canada.

The Quality of Life Framework for Canada consists of five domains: prosperity, health, society, the environment and good governance. In addition, the indicators of life satisfaction and sense of meaning and purpose are included as overall measures of quality of life.

Cross-cutting lenses

The Framework also includes two cross-cutting lenses which will be applied to evaluate results for all the indicators in the Framework:


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