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The natural environment is the foundation of human existence, and our built environments shape quality of life in important ways.

Clean water, fresh air and healthy food are necessities for life, and adverse weather events create risk to livelihoods and well-being. Access to pristine green and blue spaces is a source of recreation and enjoyment. The environment can also be interpreted broadly to include more than just nature. Parks and public transit, walkable communities, lower levels of noise pollution and pleasing aesthetics are aspects of the local environment that contribute to a higher quality of life.

Environmental sustainability has been identified as a key priority in Canada, for the well-being of both the current population and Canadians of the future.

The environment domain includes two subdomains and 14 indicators.

Note: Indicators marked with a star icon are headline indicators. Headline indicators are intended to provide a high-level assessment of overall quality of life in Canada.

Environment and people

Ecological integrity and environmental stewardship

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